Frequently Asked Questions

What is Landit?
Landit is a new approach to career management for professional women. Whether you’re looking to find a new opportunity, re-enter the formal workplace, or take your career to the next level, Landit creates a personalized path just for you, with the tools, guidance, and opportunities you need to connect with what’s next.
What is the inspiration behind Landit?
Landit was created for professional women by professional women who have personally gone through the journey of having to define a path that connected with their passions and fit with the 360 of their lives. They realized that they were not alone. More than 40 million professional women will find themselves at a crossroads in their career. Whether they are looking to transition to a new opportunity, re-enter the formal workplace, or take their career to the next level, they all face the same question: “Where do I start?” Landit is the trusted resource to help you navigate and manage the continuum of your career.
How does Landit work?
Start with the Landit assessment where we ask you probing questions about your interests, motivators, and experience. Landit gives you the tools to find new opportunities, re-enter the formal workplace, or excel in your current career. We guide you through establishing your Board of Advisors, developing your brand statement and reviewing your resume. We also connect you with a professional coach.
Is there a fee?
Landit is free to join. There is only a fee for professional services like resume rewriting and coaching.
What is the My Assets tool?
Our unique tool gives you a view of how others see your strengths. Knowing how you are received by others is an important factor in your success.
What is a Board of Advisors?
Your board of advisors is your personal network that is committed to your personal and/or professional success.
What is a Brand Statement?
Your brand statement is your personal executive summary that highlights your best assets. The statement should be used across all of your profiles, both offline and online.
How does the profile and bio review work?
Our experts have over 15 years experience polishing profiles and bio to perfection. Simply request a review from our Services section, then submit your profile or bio. You will receive a detailed action plan on how to elevate your story within two business days.
How does the coaching work?
Coaches offer deeply personalized support as you move toward your professional goals, helping you navigate a range of career inflection points. They can help map out a specific career action plan, develop a strategy to navigate a tough conversation (e.g. salary, promotion, flex time) or notice your thought and behavior patterns, and how they impact your goals. Once a Landit member purchases a coaching session, they can select a coach based on their personalize goals.
Who are the coaches?
Landit has teamed up with the top coaches around to offer expert and affordable coaching exclusively to Landit members. Each Landit coach has a wealth of experience in helping clients navigate professional goals.
Who has access to my data?
Landit would never share any of your data without your permission. It's only seen by those you choose such as your coach or resume reviewer.
Still have questions?
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